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I adopted Tucker two years ago and he has changed my life for the better. He is the sweetest boy and loves walks and the phrase “good morning”. He is loved by so many people. I’m so grateful I was able to adopt him through Help for Homeless Pets.


Hello, just wanted to do a year pupdate. When we adopted him he was Kratos, now he is Nico.  He’s smart, fast, loves to play fetch, he’s a big water dog, and loves the snow, so no stopping him from running out energy. We are so happy he’s in our lives.


I have been following you guys on Facebook ever since we got out Aussie, Shamus. We got him from you guy on September 6th 2022. I gotta say he is the best dog I’ve ever had. He’s a sweet heart and loves other animals and people! He is 8 months old. He loves to run …

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I wanted to share our sweet Layla that we adopted from you guys on September 20th, 2022! Layla is the sweetest dog. We love her so much! She was the start of our little family! She now has another fur sibling named Cash. And this past December we had our first baby girl. Layla is …

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Sorry it’s been so long since we have updated u on our lil princess Annie! Four yrs ago my mom had heard that you we’re getting some poor babies from a puppy mill in California! She knew she had to help! She came down the next day determined she was going to find the luv …

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Good morning! We wanted to pass on a happy tail on the one year anniversary of Eleanor’s gotcha day! We adopted Eleanor (then Koda) in mid-January of 2022, and it’s been incredible to watch her learn, explore, and grow into a part of the family that we couldn’t do without. The last year has been …

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Zeus was just adopted!  We are so happy for him. He had to go through some re-training, but has turned into a love!  Zeus came to our shelter to get a fresh start.  He was part of an animal cruelty case, so we didn’t know a lot about his past, but it was clear that …

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Heya!My name is Keagan. My husband Zeke and I adopted Spitz (now called Spike) back on November 28th and wanted to let you know he’s doing great. He loves being a playful kitten and gets along with everyone. He’s got a lot of personality and we love him bunches! In the picture he was chirping …

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