Adoption Application

HELP FOR HOMELESS PETS, A NON-PROFIT NO KILL ANIMAL SHELTER strives to find loving, life long homes for our dogs and cats. We ask that you consider adopting one of our animals ONLY if you can guarantee it a home for its lifetime. Most of these dogs and cats have come from shelters where they were destined to be destroyed. Some of these pets were considered throwaway garbage or abused by their previous owners. We want to end the cruelty, and make their next home their life long home!

**Please text or call Angie (406) 860-8735 or Ashley (406) 861-3342 to check on your application status. Thank you.**

To be considered as an adopter you must:
•  Be at least 18 years old. (sometimes negotiable)
•  Be willing and able to spend the time and money to maintain this pet for its natural lifetime.
•  If you are not a homeowner, we need landlord approval.
•  The animal you are adopting is a companion animal.
•  It is not to live on a chain, or be ignored while kenneled up.
•  Dogs may not ride in the back of pick-ups unsecured.
•  Must agree to have the animal spayed or neutered.

Please complete each question, where applicable.



*Please use comment section at the bottom to add any other additional pets you currently own.


If Applying For A Dog:

If Applying For A Cat:

These Questions Apply to both dog and cat applicants:


List two non-relatives who can verify that you are a responsible, reliable and caring person.

I certify that the information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and that I understand that providing any false information can be cause for denial of my application or future forfeiture of the adopted pet. Leaving any questions blank or not filling out this form completely can be cause for the application to be discarded or denied.

By signing this contract I agree:
To consent to an employee of HELP FOR HOMELESS PETS to come to my home;
To inspect/prove that the above statements are true.
To find that my home & I am suitable to adopt this animal.
To call the references listed for character of perspective adoptive person/family.

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