Zeus was just adopted!  We are so happy for him. He had to go through some re-training, but has turned into

a love!  Zeus came to our shelter to get a fresh start.  He was part of an animal cruelty case, so we didn’t

know a lot about his past, but it was clear that he loves big and needed a chance to prove it.  He was with us

for a few days and got adopted; but that didn’t work out as hoped, so Zeus was returned to us. With the help

of Shelter Mom Marie, and training from Holly, from the Dog House, Zeus has turned into a great gentleman,

deserving of a new life.  And now he gets that, with his new Mom, Cheri!  You should check out our FB

page……..there is a video of Zeus giving his new Mom a big old kiss!!  So sweet.

Thanks to all the folks that donated money to keep Zeus with the trainer until he was ready to leave, and to all

the folks that showed support on our FB page.  We are grateful to each of you!

Have fun Zeus!!  You’ve earned it, buddy!

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