Sorry it’s been so long since we have updated u on our lil princess Annie! Four yrs ago my mom had heard that you we’re getting some

poor babies from a puppy mill in California! She knew she had to help! She came down the next day determined she was going to find

the luv of her life in that group of babies! And she did! This is our lil Annie! She was so timid and scared when momma first brought her

home! But my mom gave this lil girl her heart and soul! Long story short she took over the whole family! Lol like we knew she would! In

Dec 2021 we lost both my mom and dad 7 days apart to Covid! Since that time Annie has become my lil love! She is finally after 4 yrs

coming out of her shell! We could only imagine the horror she lived the first couple months of her life! She is finally letting me pet her and

hold her though not very often, but her new thing is she luvs to kiss you ALOT! Lol she is such a sweet little girl! I want to thank you for

rescuing those precious lil balls of fur and introducing my momma to the best lil being in the world! Sorry for the long message but I just

wanted to thank you for what ypu do every single day for those babies that need saving! And thank you for giving my mom the happiness

she had looked so long for! Annie is doing great and gave my mom all the love she had till the day we lost mom! Again thank you so

much for everything you do daily for all the babies.  You all are hero’s and sent from God in my eyes! Thank you again! I have attached

from photos of our lil Annie for you to see! I’m sure you might not remember her but we remember you! Thanks again!

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