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February 2014

Back in the summer of 2012 I drove up to your shelter from Rapid City and adopted a black Maine Coon kitten named Saber. He has been an absolute joy! He's grown up to be a stunningly beautiful animal with the sweetest disposition. He's the friendliest cat I've ever known and loves meeting new people. Just about everyone who sees him falls in love!  He's very playful and affectionate and makes me laugh all the time. What a delight to have Saber as my friend and companion. Thank you so much!
Ace (formerly known as Benny)
March 2014

Just wanted to show how well Benny is doing. We actually renamed him Ace. He is very loved.
April 2014

Turnip got adopted!!   The picture says it all.  He was chosen by a wonderful Vet Tech at a local Veterinarian office here in Billings, and gets to go to work with her everyday……. He’ll never be lonely again!
May 2014

Lincoln is doing great and has been such a sweet addition to our family! He is not without challenges like he still thinks we are delicious to chew on a bit (which I something I have researched a lot and we are working on it. It is a very normal puppy habit;))  However, he already has learned how to sit, shake, stay, lay down, fetch, an we are working I the leash training too.
May 2014

Luna is doing well on the farm
May 2014

Our Layla girl is doing great!  Still afraid of strangers and shows some residual effects of abuse…but she is SO HAPPY around our family.  I wanted to show you a recent photo I took of all 3 of my girls
June 2014

Note from Adopted Parent: When we left I promised I would send an update on Drake.

So far his favorite games are: charge the cat, beg for treats, and sneak back to bed.  When your description of him said he needs a home with a lot of attention, what you really should have put was “he is a relentless attention hound”  I don’t think I could have asked for a better dog .
June 2014

Note from Adopted Parent: It has only been a week, but it feels like Bridger has always been with us. He is a highly intelligent dog. Well mannered. We love him.
June 2014

Hard at work
July 2014

Just thought I would update you and let you know that Berkley was neutered today. He did great and was also microchipped! He also graduated puppy school about a month ago and has been doing awesome in his training!
Thanks again!

July 2014

To the left is Rusty that we rescued on 1/17/14; 
to the right is Rusty now, loves his new home and family.
July 2014

Bojack tired out after playing with his favorite sqeaky toy.  He brings joy to us; I am happy we have him.
July 2014

Hi everyone!!! I just wanted you all to know that Harvey is a GEM! We love and adore this little guy. He is adjusting so well to life as a spoiled-rotten dog. Our vet said we hit the jackpot because Harvey is so sweet, well-mannered. Our family is looking forward to many years with our little dude. Thanks so so much!!!  ~ Jen ~
Carolina (formerly known as Abby)
August 2014

Abby's new name is Carolina she is the best dog she is so sweet and loving her favorite game is fetch and she's learning a lot more new tricks. The sad and unfortunate part is that she gets very anxious and scared because she she is looking for Dory. Overall the whole family loves her and she's made herself at home. :) thank you so much


The Carolina and the rest of the Gilstad's
Tom (formerly known as Mango)
September 2014

From abandoned and abused to a feral colony in Hawaii where his life was to end because 2 people out of 30 did not like cats in their island community. Now being pampered in a Montana barn home. Look at the beautiful view he has. Will look much prettier when trees are all covered with snow. I bet he will wonder what that is when he sees it from his heated perch. Because of dedication of his past caretakers and our wonderful volunteers Mango now named Tom has a wonderful life ahead. Thanks to everybody for helping Mango and the 6 others still waiting for their chance.
Reggie (formerly known as Renji)
September 2014

Just thought I'd update you on Renji, the German Shepherd/Doberman young dog that we adopted.  His name is now Reggie and he can shake, lie down and sit.  He gets along well with the other dogs, especially my daughter's chiwawa cross pup!  He pretty much stays around the ranch yard and has gotten skinny from running around out in the hay field as my husband and I bring in or stack they hay bales.  There are plenty of mice out there!  He has a big dog house he sleeps  in and is friendly towards others.  He loves to jump into the back of the truck and just go for the ride!  And his kisses! Oh dear!  A very big wet tongue of "I  love you"!  He is doing great! 
November 2014

Katie is doing awesome here and Luke are definately bonded. He takes her everywhere and when he is home she is in the house with him. She comes to her name and so far she is doing well with other people and other animals, even cats. She seems to be perfect for Luke ...  I am so happy he has her.
King (aka Frac)
January 2015

Here is King aka Frac and I  on a well site he loves riding in the truck and is loved by my whole crew. They all like taking turns having him with them. Had him to the Vet and has gotten a few stitches paw is healing nicely.
February 2015

Fifteen years ago, Help for Homeless Pets was relatively new. We ran into one of your volunteers outside of Pet Smart as she was showing puppies for adoption. The puppies were so cute but not the breed we knew would be a good fit for our family. We stated we wanted a Spaniel breed. Your volunteer mentioned that they had a pregnant Brittany Spaniel and the dad was a Springer Spaniel. We waited until the puppies were born and contacted the volunteer. At that time, we were allowed to go to the foster home. With our two young daughters, we drove to this home which had a brand new litter of 10 new Springer/Brittany puppies, along with many other dogs whom she fostered. Well, our “Puppy” chose us and we took her home a few weeks later when she was ready to be weaned. We named her “Jenny.” As she grew, people always commented on how she still looked like a “Puppy” so we just called her Puppy or “Pups” for short. We have spent fifteen years with this precious loving joyful being and we could not have asked for a better fit for our family. She slept in our beds. She went on long walks with us every evening. She thought every being was her friend, never snapping or biting at another human or dog.  Simply put she lived to Love and be Loved. And she loved us with all her heart and we loved her with all ours. She was the pride and joy of our family for fifteen years.
This past November she was diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma. The tumors in her neck grew very large, very quickly. We hoped to have her through Christmas and medicated her throughout the holidays so she would be comfortable. We spent one last Christmas together as a family. In mid-January, the tumors took over and she began to struggle to breathe and she stopped eating. She was suffocating. Then it hit her gastrointestinal system. We could not watch her suffer any longer. As a family, we took her to the vet and chose to let her go peacefully, with dignity. She died with her face in my hands and all of us holding on to her.

I will always be grateful to Help for Homeless Pets for the gift of My Girl, My Pups. I cannot thank you enough for giving us more than just a pet. You gave us a family member.

With Sincere Thanks,

The Chandler Family
January 2015

Irie is doing so well! What a great dog! So smart and loving! We adore her! She and our older lab are the best of buds!
August 2015

Kylie with her new outfit and having a bath with cotton candy soap. 
She came from California to find her new family that will love her forever. 
Kylie was adopted August 2015.
August 2015

Just wanted to let you know that Shelby is doing great she has been eating a lot and drinking a lot and had no problems last night. She loves being outside and cuddling when she is inside. Our cat isn't too happy with us but our other dog loves her.
August 2015

Jazz the Bulldog  & her new family.
Bianca and Toulouse
September 2015

After just a few days, both Bianca and Toulouse are loving each other and their new home!

Thank you so much for them.
Scammon Family
Destiny aka Marley
November  2015

Note from Destiny's new family:  "Hi this is Destiny again! She already pretty much owns the place! Lol. We named her Marley. Happy thanksgiving!"