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"Trot With Spot"
The Billings Gazette
September 16, 2007

Susie Wollan and her dog Maddie lead the Trot with Spot dog walk at Riverfront Park Saturday morning. The second annual Trot with Spot was a fundraiser for Help for Homeless Pets. In addition to the walk, there was a barbecue, dog contests, a silent auction and games and prizes for dogs and their owners. Prizes were awarded to the child and adult who collected the most pledges. The money raised goes to the Help for Homeless Pets remodeling fund.

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Volunteers pitch in to clean pet refuge
The Billings Gazette
February 04, 2007

Help for Homeless Pets is going through a major facelift this weekend.

Volunteers gathered at the facility Saturday, and will be back today, for a complete scrub down. The intensive cleaning - with bleach solution and other cleaners - is meant to scour the building of the remains of illness that led to a quarantine last month.

"We have to start from ground zero," board member Noelle Stanton said. "We weren't bombed out, but we're close to it."

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Cats get a new life in Billings
The Billings Gazette
February 13, 2006

Nineteen cats spared from death in Georgia arrived in Billings before dawn on Sunday ready for another chance at life.

The cats of all stripes and sizes will be put up for adoption by Billings-based Help for Homeless Pets.

The cats arrived in Billings as part of a partnership between Help for Homeless Pets and a group called "Save Shelter Pets," according to Angie Cook, president of Help for Homeless Pets.

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Groups sponsor sterilization for area's feral cats
The Billings Gazette
February 28, 2003

Bringing in feral cats for spaying or neutering is no easy task. The animals are, after all, feral.

But sterilization is the only way to keep the untamed cat population from reaching critical numbers, and a coalition of groups sponsors this program each year at the Lockwood Veterinary Clinic.

"A lot of people like to have a cat around, and they understand that if you have six cats, soon you're going to have 50 cats," said Angie Cook, president of Help For Homeless Pets.

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Fundraising Events  ~~~ Fundraising Events
Trot with Spot Dog Walking
June 11, 2006

A heartfelt "thank you!" to the many Billings and area residents who turned out to support HHP at the June 11 "Trot with Spot" dogwalk. Thanks to you, we were able to raise over $3000, bringing us closer to our goal of a new, larger shelter for homeless animals in the Billings area.

Cat & Kitten Adoption
We have cats and kittens at Petsmart everyday. 
Sometimes on weekends, we will take some puppies and dogs to Petsmart to get adopted.
Click here for Petsmart location.
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More than 100 cats, kittens found in local home
The Billings Gazette
May 31, 2008

Two local animal shelters are in a bit of a feline fix after unexpectedly receiving more than 100 cats on May 22-23, 2008.

The Billings Animal Shelter, 1735 Monad Road, and Help for Homeless Pets, 2910 Hannon Drive, are looking for homes for about
90 of the cats, which came from a single home south of Billings.

Angie Cook, director of Help for Homeless Pets, said the cats were discovered in the home by family members of its occupants. A woman and her daughter lived there, and when the daughter passed away recently, family members came to help move the woman out - and discovered the whole kitty caboodle.

"They'd never seen daylight, probably never even been out of the house," Cook said of the cats.

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HHP Visits Billings Catholic School

October 2008
HHP and Kashus visited Billings Catholic School.  Everyone had a great time.  The children had collected and donated a whole van full of Pet Food, Toys, and Treats.   Thank you for your incredible generosity.
We’re here! 
We are the Camp Husky dogs, and looking for a new forever home!
Camp Husky is a rescue set up in Butte, MT that was established after 108 Husky and Shepherd mix dogs were seized from a hoarder that was transporting the dogs to Alaska in a bus and trailer. Several litters of puppies were born shortly after the seizure making well over 200 dogs. Help for Homeless Pets in Billings, Montana is being blessed by receiving 10 of these dogs to help them find new loving forever homes.  Each one will need a good fenced yard and close supervision, as well as a very patient person to work with them until they get acclimated to their new home and environment. They have all come a long way since they’ve been liberated from their hoarder and want to please you and put their best paw forward;  but they still have a little distrust to work through.  If you are interested in adopting one of these wonderful dogs, please contact Angie at 860-8735.  Adoption fee is $75.00.

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We are continuing to remodel and update our kennels in the back area of the shelter.  The "Trot for Spot" fund raiser last year helped us finish this project.  We are now trying to raise money for the same type of kennels to put inside the shelter for the puppies and smaller dogs.  We will need about $2,000 to do this, so any donation you can give would be greatly appreciated.
United Way Day of Caring

September 2009
Volunteers helping out in United Way Day of Caring.

Read more: http://www.unitedwayyellowstone.org/volunteer/day-of-caring
Remodel.2009.1 Remodel.2009.2
Remodel.2009.3 Remodel.2009.4
Remodel.2009.5 Remodel.2009.6
12th Annual Barn Cat / Feral Cat Spay / Neuter Clinic

Here is video of our 12th annual barn cat / feral spay neuter clinic 02-18-2010 that we sponsored. We also had a shot clinic at the same time for dogs and cats. We exceeded again our count for this annual clinic. We spayed neutered vaccinated and de-wormed 129 cats on this day clinic. We once again would like to thank the people who took the time to get their cats spayed or neutered. So far we have spayed, neutered and vaccinated 1,137 total cats through this one annual clinic. That is a lot of litters that did not consume our already over populated community.
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Dozens of small-breed dogs brought to Billings for adoption
DIANE COCHRAN Of The Gazette Staff | Posted: Friday, May 28, 2010 12:08 am

Chihuahuas still turn heads in Montana, where cow dogs and their full-size brethren have a monopoly on canine companionship.

But in California, purse-sized pups are a dime a dozen. Hundreds of them are euthanized when animal shelters cannot find homes for them.

Almost 100 wee West Coast dogs got a reprieve this week when volunteers drove them from Los Angeles to Billings, where they will be available for adoption through Help for Homeless Pets.

“They’re just beautiful,” said Kathy Byrd, a Help for Homeless Pets employee. “The night they came in it was one of the most emotional times I’ve had in life.”

Most of the dogs are Chihuahuas or Chihuahua mixes, but there are also papillon, Shih Tzu and corgi crosses. Four are nursing mothers with litters.

They were brought to Billings by volunteers Rhonda Kuehn and Jason Rieker, who rescue dogs in Arizona. Kuehn and Rieker partnered with Help for Homeless Pets to launch Road to HOPE, or Helping Orphaned Pets Everywhere.

The dogs are from shelters in California, not from puppy mills, said Angie Cook, executive director of Help for Homeless Pets.

“They are all pretty well socialized,” she said. “They would make good pets for people who live in apartments or older people. They are excellent companion dogs.”

Cook said Help for Homeless Pets often gets requests for small breeds but rarely has them. If Road to HOPE is successful, she plans to arrange for another load of small dogs to be brought to Billings.
Andy, an HHP Dog
Wins at Splash Dogs at Montana Fair Billings MT.
Billings family raises $1,600 for animal rescue organization
July 7, 2011
Angie Cook was stunned when a Billings family pooled its resources and talents to raise more than $1,600 to help her crowded animal rescue operation, Help for Homeless Pets.

Hung, 11, Nini, 9, and Long, 7, have spent most of their summer break selling lemonade during garage sales and offering their lawn-mowing and raking skills to neighbors and family to raise money for the facility.

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“Then we learned she was declawed and realized she was probably a house cat,” Kiernan said. “Then last week when it started to get cold, that’s when I got really worried.”

It turns out the cat, named Meg, had been fending for herself since April, when her owners, Jayme and Kip Lebahn, passed through town during a move from Minot, N.D., to Salem, Ore.

“The longest she’s ever been outside is like two minutes in the front yard,” Jayme Lebahn said.

The couple was passing through Billings in April and stayed at a hotel near Montana Air Cartage, 5700 Titan Ave. At some point, the 11-year-old cat got out of the room and a staff member shooed her away, not realizing she belonged to a guest.

The Lebahns adopted Meg in Guam while Kip, who is retired from the U.S. Air Force, was stationed there eight years ago.

The Lebahns realized that Meg was gone the next morning and spent the day searching for her, with no luck, but eventually had to hit the road.

Four months later, the folks at Montana Air Cartage found Meg and on Sept. 14 took her to Angie Cook, who runs animal rescue organization Help for Homeless Pets.

Cook learned the cat was microchipped and was able to track down the Lebahns to let them know Meg was safe and alive.

“It’s the kind of stuff we do every day, trying to find the owners of these animals,” Cook said. “Sometimes these things work out, which is very heartwarming.”

Jayme Lebahn said Meg is a part of the family, so when Cook called, she was ecstatic.

“I didn’t even let her finish the sentence,” she said. “Them feeding her, them helping her out - I was bawling after I got that call.”

The plan is to fly Meg home by the end of the month. She’s waiting on a health certificate clearing her to fly and staying in town with a friend of the Lebahns’ in the meantime.

“I can’t wait to see her,” Jayme Lebahn said. “She’s just one of those cats that’s loving. She just wants to plop onto her back and have you scratch her belly.”
Cat lost for 4 months to return home soon

By ZACH BENOIT Of The Gazette Staff
[Source: BillingsGazette.com]
Posted: Saturday, September 24, 2011 12:00 am

The employees at Montana Air Cartage Inc. on the West End first noticed her coming around in early August.

Business owner Autumn Kiernan said her grown children, also employees there, started feeding dog food to the skinny, black and white cat when she’d show up. They thought that maybe she came from a nearby barn.
Day of Caring

Another great opportunity for volunteers to open their hearts and hands.  Not only did the Billings Clinic Staff come and help us but brought us stacks of donations and  worked like little beavers improving out cat and dog areas. We would like to extend a warm and heartwarming thank you from our staff and our homeless pets who enjoyed all the toys and treats and warm beds that filled our Lobby. Thanks from the bottom of their little hearts. If they could talk, would be filled with precious paws and warm kisses from all of our homeless pet waiting for their forever home. Our staff also sends a warm thank you for making a sometimes difficult and thankless job worth all their efforts.
Thanks to Western Security Bank's generous donation we are able to continue out low cost spay neuter for the community and our annual Feral Cat (barn cat) spay neuter clinic which will be in Feb 2012. This will be our 14th year for this clinic. To date we have spayed and neutered 2,129 cats and kittens at this clinic alone. We also have Bi-weekly spay neuter clinics at our shelter each clinic we average 50 to 60 dogs and cats that were released or dropped off at our shelter and we also do peoples personal pets at this low cost clinic.

For more information, visit: www.wsbhandsofhope.org

If you would like to donate to this fund for dogs or cats please note your request for your donation to go directly to this special fund we have established through Western Security Bank. You can also deposit right into the account at either branch, or send to Help For Homeless Pets
2910 Hannon Rd.
Billings Mt. 59101

Thanks for supporting Spay and Neuter this is the only we can reduce the numbers of homeless pets in our shelter. It will also help lower the euthanasia rates for our city (Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter) and County Animal Control where euthanasia numbers are staggering especially cats and stray dogs.